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Message from Father Dennis Kezar

On behalf of our not-for-profit, Father Kezar Opening Doors Foundation (FKODF), I want to thank you for your support in helping us accomplish our goals.  Working with Saint Stephen's Episcopal School (SSES), we aim to open the doors of educational opportunities for a diverse group of promising young students.  SSES and the FKODF efforts to ensure an academic opportunity for deserving students are very dear to my heart.  There can be no finer gift than receiving an opportunity.  

As a child whose life was originally marred by poverty, I have been profoundly grateful for each coach, teacher, and patron who opened doors for me and made it possible for me to travel from a farm in Iowa to Oxford University for my doctoral degree.

Praying for you to see and to hear for yourselves the joy and gratitude of our students and their families! 


The Father Kezar Opening Doors Foundation Board works with the community in fundraising efforts to provide a world-class education at SSES.

Our students have already achieved extraordinary feats, and we desperately want to see them through the preparatory process to accomplishments in college and beyond in their lives and on behalf of our communities.  There is great hope and expectation that we are working with future leaders.  The ripples from the generosity of our donors promise to go out in ever-increasing significance.


Faithfully Yours, 


Father Dennis Dean Kezar +

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