As many of you know, this foundation’s mission is simply to provide need-based financial aid to qualified students to attend Saint Stephen's Episcopal School, which is truly opening a door to a world-class education. Further, 100% of the money we raise goes towards educating these amazing students. We currently have 23 children that we are supporting, ranging from 6th grade to 12th grade. 


These boys and girls are making profound contributions to the culture and student life at Saint Stephen's.  Our FKODF students just completed the first interim with a combined 3.38 GPA (including one of the highest individual GPAs at the school) and are thriving in every way possible. We cannot impress upon you enough, the contributions these children are making to our school, with students earning honor roll recognition, playing in the band, acting in school plays, representing the school in mock trials, helping us win national academic competitions, and excelling on a variety of athletic teams.


FKODF is asking you to partner with us in the most rewarding and deeply personal endeavor of which we have ever been a part. Our total financial need is over $200,000 annually. Without your help, the fact is, FKODF cannot assist these students. We understand so many of you give to many organizations, and at times, it feels like everyone is asking all of us for something. But, we have seen these kids up close, and the difference we are making in their lives is amazing. And just as importantly, we see what a difference they are making in our children’s lives and the school community as a whole.  To know these kids is truly to love them, and they love us back in so many ways that will warm your heart. 



Warm Regards,
The Board of The Father Kezar Opening Doors Foundation

Tanya Creneti
George Hoagland
Father Dennis Kezar
Matt Kezar
Tani Kezar
Charles Lansberg
Henry Lawrence
Curtis Root
Patty Schnur

Christine Sket
Chris Vining
Tim Vining
Ken Winterhalter
Marsha Winterhalter

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